Thursday, October 1, 2009


We were enjoying the pastoral landscape on drive of the west cape, when we suddenly began to see windmills. Not the Dutch sail-type, but modern, white metal ones--part of the windfarms that create energy for PEI. Like gigantic, mechanical trees, they grew on the horizon in direct contrast with the bucolic countryside.
It was fascinating and wondrous at the same time. Some residents dislike them, finding the dissimilarity to their natural scenery distasteful--but both Squatchie and I found it mesmerizing. I actually thought they were beautiful, making the landscape an elegant blend of past and present.

The photos don't do justice to the enormous size of them. We were able to get fairly close to some of them and they were really were awe-inspiring. I can completely understand how one windmill could produce 2 million kilowatts of power in a year--they are amazing and powerful.

They almost blew me away!