Tuesday, October 13, 2009

on the way to the grocery store

Many years ago, I saw this:

but I haven't seen it since.

I always look, though.


Sonny said...

Hello, I went to the "WordPlay", part of the "Novello Festival of Reading 2009", last Saturday. I hoped to see you and talk to you. I visited there specifically to speak with you. And yet, I did not have to nerve to meet you. Imagine a married middle aged man with 5 kids was too cowardly to even greet someone. What a dork! I specifically wanted to ask you about a manuscript. Please, be patience with me. It's between a parent and child and is about charity and helping others. I am not an English major, nor a illustrator, I am just a computer geek. Go figure. There are so many conflicting suggestions on submitting unsolicited manuscripts. Could you profit any advice to me? I do need someone to critique it. I am such at a lost for my next step. I can't say why I trust your opinion. I just know that I do. If I have grossly overstepped my bounds then please accept my deepest apologies. Sonny (Sonnyk@carolina.rr.com)

Grace Lin said...

Hi Sonny,

I'm sorry you didn't come up. I would've been delighted to meet you. You don't sound a dork at all.

I'd be happy to direct you to the organizations and places that helped me get published (scbwi.org is AMAZING!!).

Unfortunately, I have a policy of not reading anyone's manuscripts. Please don't take it personally--I am sure your manuscript is very worthy--it's just that I have a lot of different ideas that I would like to publish that may be similar to yours and I don't wish anyone to think I stole their idea. I kind of ran into trouble about that in past.

At scbwi.org, they give tips on critique groups and if you go to a conference you can get an editor (who actually has the power to publish a book, unlike me. I have NO influence on the publishing end.) to look at it. Also, if you are interested in hiring an editor to help prepare your manuscript for submission, there are great freelance editors like editomato.com.

Good luck and next time I am in Charlotte, please introduce yourself!

Sonny said...

Dear Grace,

Thank you for your time and understanding. I truly appreciate your advice. Best of luck and peace to your future.

Kindest Regards,