Monday, October 5, 2009

on my desk monday

Souvenirs from my PEI trip! What did I bring back?

-postcards featuring the original cover art (which I actually prefer, wish they would reprint them) of LM's books

-a rosebud teaset (Anne fans will know why!)

-Volume 1 of the Selected Journals of LM Montgomery

-and the 100th anniversary edition of Anne , a reprint of Anne in its first printed version--cover AND typos! Yes, they were even faithful to the first edition typos.
I bought mine at LM's birthplace which they stamped accordingly!


Deva Fagan said...

I've really enjoyed your PEI trip posts, Grace! Thank you for sharing them. I am glad you had fun!

I am a long-time LMM fan and went on a pilgrimage to the Island myself as a teen. I brought back postcards with the original art too! Aren't they lovely? I agree they should reprint with that art someday!

Have you read the journals before? I found them fascinating but sobering.

Phyllis Harris said...

Your souvenirs are wonderful! I want a teapot like that! I'm just going to have to go to PEI, myself very soon. Thanks again for sharing all the photos and tidbits from your trip. It was so much fun to see!