Friday, August 27, 2021


I wrote a poem for you

like I do every year

but this year

I don't feel like sharing it.

But I do want the world to know

I miss you.


Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 In Chinese culture, they say they see a bunny--not a man's face--on the moon.  Do you see it?

It's a little difficult, so I've made a little craft to help! The Bunny-scope! For this craft you will need:

• an 8.5x11 piece of card stock (preferably black) OR a cardboard paper towel tube
•  tape if you are using card stock 
• a piece of acetate
• black sharpie marker 
• scissors
• exacto knife
• optional: gold star stickers, decorative tape, colored markers

1. If you are using card stock, roll it into a tube with with  roughly 2in diameter (same as a paper towel tube) and use tape to secure the roll:

2. On your acetate, use your tube as a template to draw a circle:

3. Add a rectangle shape to the top half of the circle (this will serve as kind of a handle).

4. Print out the bunny template, it should look like this:

5. On the acetate, trace the bunny inside the circle (hint:looks best when it is off center, to the lower left). 

6. Color the bunny in black, just like the template. Your slide should look like this:

7. Cut out the whole slide:

8. The cut-out slide should look like this:

9. Go back to your tube. With an exact knife (adults will have to help kids with this), cut halfway through your telescope. 

10. Insert your slide into the slit:

Decorate your bunny-scope with stickers or any moon or start themed design you wish. And then look inside!

Your should see the bunny on the moon:

Happy bunny watching! Happy Moon Festival!