Thursday, October 15, 2020

Don't Forget to Vote!

On our recent Book Friends Forever podcast, Alvina and I talked about how we want to help to get out the vote.  While we were talking, I realized I had a great resource as I actually illustrated this book:

It's a great book outlining to kids how our government works and why we need to vote! I think some adults might need to read it too...

So I made some resources you might like to use!  In the podcast, I mentioned that I had joined Postcards to Voters--I encourage you to join me and send out postcards, too! Here is a postcard design you can use!


Click and print postcards! These  4 Postcards on 8.5 x11 use the Avery label 8387 template for your convenience OR you can copy/paste this single postcard image and place it in a postcard template of your choice!

I also made some 8.5x11 posters for parents and teachers to hang to help explain the voting process to kids:


Don't forget to VOTE!