Friday, October 2, 2009

just a reminder- New Hampshire Signing!

Tomorrow I will be signing at:

Toadstool Bookstore
Lorden Plaza
586 Nashua St.,Milford, NH 03055
Saturday, Oct. 3, 3:30 PM

I'm driving all from Montreal to New Hampshire, on my way back I might be a little incoherent (but hopefully not late!) when I get there. I hope to see you!

Are you local but can't make it? You can reserve an autographed copy and pick it up later! Call:603-673-1734


s said...

Hello Grace,
First, to let you know that my daughter Daria, now age 9 1/2, adores your books. She is dreaming of a sequel entitled "The Year of the Rabbit." (As you may have guessed, she is a rabbit - so am I, by the way.)
We met you many years ago when you were selling The Year of the Dog at a New York City FCC Culture Day at Liberty Island State Park. You were so lovely, she still remembers you and saved your card. You also insribed her copy a
copy saying you were her friend (also very precious).

I have followed directions & contact4ed Lisa McClatchy, but I do want to tell you, too, that I do hope you can come to NYC to read at Daria's school, the Little Red School House in the Village. We don't have an honorarium, but we could put you up (in a private section) at a classmate's home if you would like an excuse to be in NYC. We also have a 2-day book fair and could pretty much guarantee sales of your new book and your previous titles, all of which are amazing. It's the week of December 7th, any day M-F for one hour with 20 kids in one classroom with two teachers.

Hope you are well, Many FCC girls and others would benefit so much from a visit from you!
Sue, parent of Daria Xiao Xia

Grace Lin said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks so much for your nice comment. It's lovely to meet you again over the internet! I was very sad to hear that Culture Day is no longer, it was a wonderful event.

Lisa will definitely get back to you, but I checked my calendar and unfortunately see that I am already booked for the week of Dec. 7th. Thanks so much for thinking of me, however! I really appreciate your consideration!

Maybe the next time I am in NYC we can arrange something with your group.