Friday, October 16, 2009

fortune cookie friday

"A book tightly shut is but a block of paper."
-Chinese Proverb


kdeem said...

Dear Grace,
I loved your book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.
Your method of using mini-stories in addition to the main story line causes me to be hooked-on and then I can’t put your books down. In your previous two novels, I loved the way you wrote the personal mini family stories. Some made me laugh so hard I snorted, and some made me feel empathy for the people involved. The stories go along with the storyline yet add a little something to it.
The way you used this method in “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” Is totally awesome. You put in Chinese folk tales, some familiar and some excitingly new to me! I loved the way you wove together parts of the tales and put them together like pieces of a tapestry.
This time, they made me think and wonder about the real reason Minli was going on this trip. One of them was the story of the buffalo boy and his friend, the goddess of weaving. I’ve always loved that story, but the way you adapted it was even more pleasant to read, especially the part when we find out that she sews the red threads of destiny for her Grandfather. I figured out some of the stories connected, like the one about the paper of happiness and figuring out where the joyful family went. That family was really lucky a neighbor told them soldiers were coming to arrest them for treason.
I love the way you write, the words come together to make visual pictures and I can see myself standing there, the red thread unwinding, the dragon finally flying. One of the folktales, the one about the village of Moon Rain’s ancestors, was written so perfectly, I read it over and over until I practically memorized it. All of the tales made me feel on top of the world, like a clear blue sky after a rainy day.
Whenever I came to a picture, I stared at it. They really got me thinking, and I made predictions in my head about Minli’s future. The colored pictures were a great touch, they added to the book significantly. Every time a part in the book reminded me of a picture, it popped up into my head. The pictures of the village of Moon Rain and Minli seeing the old man on the moon, constantly popped into my head after I read things about it. In the picture when Minli has her acquaintance with the old man on the moon, I studied her new warm dress. I saw her friend Da-a Fu’s “red as rolling berry” sleeves on Minli’s beautiful, new dress. It was awfully kind of everyone in the village of Moon Rain to use their sleeves to create her dress, and made me feel warm and fuzzy.
Grace, please keep on writing. My mom pre-ordered this book so that I would have it the day it came out and I wouldn’t have to wait one minute longer!
Your colossal fan,
Mary Kate
5th Grader
Goodnoe Elementary School

Tricia said...

That is the sweetest note ever!

Barbara O'Connor said...

That is such a lovely note!! That child is special. How nice of her to share this with you!

Grace Lin said...

Dear Mary Kate,

Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It is wonderful to hear that you enjoy my books. Your words are so intelligent and thoughtful!

When you wrote, "...wove together parts of the tales and put them together like pieces of a tapestry," I felt amazed because that is exactly the way I imagine myself when I write a story. You must be a writer yourself!

You are definitely a reader and the best kind of reader there is. You are the kind that of reader that authors love to write book for and I am so glad and honored that you read mine. So, if you keep reading--I'll keep writing!

Thanks again!


yamster said...

Love this fortune! (And the Mary Kate's note to you!)