Thursday, October 1, 2009

bottle houses

I took pity on Squatchie and decided to visit a couple of non-Anne sites. One gray and grizzley morning, we went off to explore the West Cape of PEI. One of the odder sights we stopped at was the Bottle Houses.

I had heard about bottle houses from a children's book so this sight definitely piqued my interest. I find the idea of transforming something considered worthless into something beautiful very appealing so I was rather excited.

But I have to admit that I found it more humorous than inspiring. The creator, Edouard Arsenault, built three bottle structures. Interestingly, one of the three one was a chapel, complete with pews.

While the next structure was a tavern, which I suppose so you could quickly and conveniently go and get a nice hard drink after attending a religious sermon.

I found this hilariously revealing about the character of the creator. He spent over four years to build these structures and made sure one was a church and another was a bar! I guess there is a reason why he had so many bottles.

You can get married here as well. I wonder if you can have the reception in the tavern?

Regardless, it was a fun stop if not exactly what I expected. Squatchie was disappointed that the houses were not really habitable and that there were only three. He also tried to calculate how much the bottle deposit return would be.

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