Monday, September 19, 2011

Tour de Eiffel & Pocket Pacy #2

Oh la la! This tower is quite mignon. I think I will take  it with me, perhaps keep it in my pocket.

Or perhaps, instead, I will leave it a Pacy for its pocket:

But first I must climb it. It is very tall.

So high! The line was so long for the lift, we opted for the stairs.
There are many stairs:
  No problem, just like a workout at the gym. Thanks, Boston Sports Club!

Many, many stairs:
We only climbed to the 2nd level, but that was still really high.

We are so far in the sky that here il pleut, while the ground below is dry.

I will leave a Pocket Pacy here in the clouds:

Au revoir!

2nd Floor, South
Tour Eiffel
Paris, France