Tuesday, September 20, 2011

le louvre

So I've been enjoying my sketching renaissance very much! As I said before, it makes me feel like a real artist!
But before I left myself get too heady, we decided to go to the Louvre...were there is art by tres real artists:

At the Louvre, even the building is art.  The trademark glass pyramid is striking to say the least.

But there are no trees! So I add one with a yoga tree pose!

And if I remember the Da Vinci Code correctly, the Holy Grail is here:

Le Louvre is soooo big that to photograph just the things I saw it would fill up my entire camera's memory card...and I only saw one wing!

Speaking of wings, I was glad to see this in person. It is the "Winged Victory" stature which has a proud historical and artistic background, but I enjoyed it because of one of my favorite books, "Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown." In that book, young, aspiring writer Betsy sees a replica of this statue and thus writes a story about a headless woman.

Of course, the main event at the Louvre is the Mona Lisa. It is hard to see with the throngs of people who spend more time taking photos with it than actually looking at the painting. But I can't really blame them. The crowd makes viewing is rather unpleasant and we are rather shoved out of the room to other galleries.

I am trying to do a Mona Lisa smile!

There are hundreds of paintings, all of them old and famous. The Sasquatch & I felt a kind of strange deja vu. We would see a painting and say with great excitement, "I remember that from Art History class! It was in my textbook. It's very important!" Yet, neither of us could remember why it was important. This happened many times.  That is what an expensive art school education buys you.

But fine art does remind me to eat more vegetables:

and, in general, I do think statues look better with heads:

But what is this amazing piece of art? Can it be? Mon dieu!

 The label was in French, but I'm sure it said this was the finest sculpture in the museum!
I did not leave her there! I was afraid the Louvre police would get angry.

It's a Pocket Pacy! Je suis une veritable artiste, after all!