Wednesday, September 21, 2011

simple joys

The Sasquatch and I wandered into the Jardin du Luxembourg, where I became entranced by this Italian style fountain:
The Medici Fountain

As I sketched, the Sasquatch grew a little bored and walked around. He soon came back and said, "I think there's something over there you'll really want to see."

He was right. Because "over there" was an amazing vintage carousel:

the animals were designed by the Charles Garnier, the same designer of the Grand Opera!
The animals were worn and chipped, there wasn't even music playing. But there was a new group of children waiting each time and the grey horse even had a waiting line (it seemed to be the "special one.")   All the children carried sticks and the carousel was full each round.

Look how old the animals are!
The only animal that was ignored was the giraffe (and the tented carriage).

And I slowly figured out why. The carousel was an old-fashioned game. The children tried to catch the ring on the bell with their sticks. The grey horse must be the "lucky one" and the giraffe, not so much:

Every child was so enthusiastic, so excited about their animal and trying to catch the was incredibly charming and delightful.

And to me, it was also very hopeful. In this day and age, with computers and video games, to see children enjoying something so simple was inspiring. Things don't have to light up, be bright, shiny, action-packed and new for kids to love it. Simple things can still be vibrant and beloved.

It seems like there are hundreds of articles a day about how the book is dead, how the new generations will turn up their noses at a paper book. Perhaps many will. But perhaps, many will not. Perhaps they will still find the simple pleasure in an old-fashioned book like they do with this old-fashioned carousel.