Thursday, September 29, 2011


From our  place in Giverny, we were able to take some day trips. One day trip was to the city of Rouen.

Rouen is mainly famous for being the place where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake:

But it also the home of the Rouen Cathedral, made famous by a series of paintings done by Claude Monet (do you see a theme?)
I'm holding a postcard of one of Monet's paintings!

I tried to channel some of Monet's artistry by making my own sketch of the Rouen Cathedral:

I had a very "impressionistic" result at least:

There were many other fine sites to see in Rouen, which was a smaller and calmer city than Paris. Such as this very cool, ancient clock (you could take tours to see the inside):

And a sign signifying a whole street of pie! Yum! I imagine each house having its own specialty--apple, blueberry, cherry...
The Sasquatch says it doesn't really translate to Pie Street, but I don't care.

But instead of pie, there were frozen macarons.

I was not really that disappointed.
And there was this beautiful, old carousel that had just been restored:

I love the animals!
But I have to admit, my favorite place was going into the bookstore:

Because there I found...
Oh la la! Is it really my book?
a French copy of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!!!
or  as it's known in France as, La Ou La Montagne Rejoint La Lune!
C'est magnifique! J'adore Rouen!