Saturday, September 3, 2011

C'est finis!

The Sasquatch baked me a blueberry pie in honor of finishing my novel revisions! Yes, the novel is done (for now). I have to ship it off to my editor and await her comments and revise again, of course, but right now I get to take a breather and eat pie!

And just in time, too. There's a little trip the Sasquatch and I have been planning...and also this other blog I occasionally participate in, The Enchanted Inkpot asked me (and the other members) to sum up their current work-in-progress. Here is my summary/teaser for the new novel:

A companion book to "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon," "The Starry River of the Sky" (title still TBD) is also interwoven with Chinese mythology and folktales, this time following an angry chore boy with an unknown past who believes only he has noticed that the moon is missing.

I hope you are intrigued!!