Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Moon Festival!

From Thanking the Moon

Today is the Moon Festival!

The Moon Festival is one of my favorite holidays. If you notice I've done many a books about the moon: Round is a Mooncake (and app!) Thanking the Moon, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and even my upcoming book The Starry River of the Sky is very moon-y. The Year of the Rat also features the Moon Festival.

Why do I love it so much? Other than the rich Asian mythology around the moon, the yummy moon cakes, the fun activities,  I just love the whole meaning behind it. The Moon Festival isn't about giving or receiving, like Christmas or Chinese New Year (not that I don't enjoy that) and it isn't loud and flamboyant. It is a celebration of the quiet things, the things that are so easy to let slip and take for granted--family, togetherness, thankfulness and the wonder of just having moonlight.

So tonight, even though I am in very non-Asian France, I appreciate all those things, including all of you--my lovely, kind readers whom I am very thankful for! I hope you do too.

the moon in France!