Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Moon Festival!

From Thanking the Moon

Today is the Moon Festival!

The Moon Festival is one of my favorite holidays. If you notice I've done many a books about the moon: Round is a Mooncake (and app!) Thanking the Moon, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and even my upcoming book The Starry River of the Sky is very moon-y. The Year of the Rat also features the Moon Festival.

Why do I love it so much? Other than the rich Asian mythology around the moon, the yummy moon cakes, the fun activities,  I just love the whole meaning behind it. The Moon Festival isn't about giving or receiving, like Christmas or Chinese New Year (not that I don't enjoy that) and it isn't loud and flamboyant. It is a celebration of the quiet things, the things that are so easy to let slip and take for granted--family, togetherness, thankfulness and the wonder of just having moonlight.

So tonight, even though I am in very non-Asian France, I appreciate all those things, including all of you--my lovely, kind readers whom I am very thankful for! I hope you do too.

the moon in France!


pd said...

Thanks Grace. So much to be grateful for... the little things.

Beach Mama said...

We appreciate you too! This is my favorite Chinese holiday too!

anne said...

all things moon -- the moon has been important and acknowledged from pre-history onwards...

hope you are enjoying the moon in France!