Wednesday, September 1, 2010


trying to hold onto the summer sun!

For the last ten days I've been on vacation! When you are a freelance author, vacations can be infrequent (just like how Libby said). Most of the time, my vacations are a mix of work and fun; places to help inspire my writing or illustrating. However, this vacation was planned for pure enjoyment, relaxation and fun. See:

Doesn't that look like pure fun? It was! Because that's me up there! Really! Here, we'll zoom up:

Because, I spent my vacation on the shores of North Carolina at Okracoke Island and Kitty Hawk and had a fun, fun time swimming, getting tan, looking for sea glass, and eating lots of bad (but delicious) things. We rented a house right on the beach. To live with the ocean as a daily companion was a new and magical experience for me. In the mornings I could watch the sunrise:

and at night I could see the moonlight on the water:

Even when it stormed, it was beautiful. A child was a bit careless with his large, clear beach ball and during a storm it was slowly washed out to sea. It looked like a giant bubble, delicately riding the waves:

There was something bittersweet and poetic about it. In fact, it gave me an idea for a book...ah! For freelance authors, there really is no such thing as a non-working vacation!


Courtney said...

We love the outer banks! We have gone every year for the last nine years, such a peaceful beach spot with kitschy shops if desired. (which I always do!) inspiration is always a plus, glad you had a wonderful time!

anne said...

Okracoke is awesome! and you were there just at the right time, you missed EARL!!

thanks for posting the lovely photos!

Grace Lin said...

Yes, it was beautiful there...and I'm glad I left before Earl became a threat! I hope to go again in the future.