Tuesday, September 21, 2010

book talk tuesday

MANY MOONS, by James Thurber

Indie Bound Description:Princess Lenore is ill from eating too many raspberry tarts. She believes that possessing the moon is the only thing that will cure her. Despite a command from the King, neither the Lord High Chamberlain nor the Royal Wizard nor the Royal Mathematician can get the moon for her. Only when the clever Court Jester consults the Princess herself is the problem solved--with characteristic Thurber wit.

My Thoughts: I decided to talk about this book to continue the moon theme (Moon Festival is officially tomorrow!) of the last week. I loved this story and used to read this book over and over again. Of course, my version was different-- it was the classic one illustrated by Louis Slobdkin. But this new version, illustrated by Marc Simont, looks lovely as well. It might be interesting to get a hold of both copies and compare and contrast the two!

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Sheila said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I picked up a copy of each version yesterday at our library and read them to my four-year-old. She liked that is was about a princess and I liked the vocabulary.
As I described the story to my husband, he thought it sounded familiar and went to our bookshelf for Volume 2 of the "The Children's Hour", a 16 volume collection from the 60's. "Many Moons" is the first story in under "Favorite Fairy Tales".