Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Moon Festival!

Tonight is officially night of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and though I plan on celebrating it again this weekend with friends, I already had a lovely time celebrating it with my book this past weekend at the Museum of Chinese in America. Not only did I get to meet awesome author Lenore Look for the first time:
It was a great turn out and Thanking the Moon was very warmly received by the audience (people even tried the mooncake with the egg inside it!):
And, appropriately, I am very thankful! Not to just all who came, but to all who read my books--especially those who have stuck with me all these years, those wonderful readers who have grown up with my books! One such reader came to my event this past weekend and while Mom hasn't changed at all, look how much this reader has grown:

On the night of the Moon Festival, you are supposed to send a wish up to the moon that you want granted. But when I see photos like above, I kind of have a hard time thinking about what more I could wish for.

Happy Moon Festival, all!


Kathy said...

I got your book from Amazon this weekend and my almost 13 yr old daughter looked at it and said "isn't this by the same author of those books I read in 3rd grade... then she thought for a minute and remembered the names (Year of the Dog/Year of the Rat)as a mom & librarian I LOVED that she connected an author, even one that she read awhile ago! Love the new book!

Susan said...

We used your book as a guide for planning a little impromptu Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at our local park near Indianapolis. We are having moon cake cookies, drinking tea, carrying lanterns, and reciting poems tonight. It should be fun!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks Kathy and Susan! I'm so glad (and thankful) that my books have found a way to be a small part of your lives!

ED Blogger said...

Hi Grace, I love this blog (I just subscribed)! Wish I found it earlier:-) We sell your books and I added links to your recipe and lantern in the Thanking the Moon product page. I hope families and teachers use them for projects. (I know I'll do them at home for my kid.) Cheers and thank you!

Linda said...

Absolutely Love your blog.

I must admit this is my first time in...just kind of stumbled upon it, and then spent at least 20 mins. looking around.
I'm now a subscriber.

Grace Lin said...

EDBlogger & Linda--thanks so much for your nice words, glad you "discovered" my blog. Hope you come by often!

time in a bottle said...

We bought your book at our FCC Autumn Moon & Kite festival yesterday and enjoyed it last night for our bedtime story! We added it to the many we have starting with the one you signed for our daughter at the Kitlas restaurant some years ago!

lenore said...

Hi Grace! It was great to meet you! Thanks for including me in your blog! xx, lenore :) :) :)