Monday, September 20, 2010

on my desk monday

Mooncakes from Mam Nom! Do you still need mooncakes to eat with Thanking the Moon? Then, I suggest ordering from Mam Nom. You can choose between Lotus, Red bean & pineapple (my particular favorite) and your money be used to support a lovely mentoring program. Also, the cakes are made without lard (which is actually hard to find) and are so, so pretty:

I'm saving mine for the official date of the Moon Festival, Sept. 22nd. Isn't your mouth is watering?


Paul Lin said...

Yes, my mouth is watering! I purchased three boxes for a Lin gathering. My father's birthday coincides with the harvest moon, but we are getting together with family this weekend to celebrate.

Enjoy your mooncakes, Grace, and thanks for the referral!

Grace Lin said...

Hi Paul! Happy Moon Festival! I'm going to celebrate this weekend, too. Wish your father a happy birthday for me!

Marjorie said...

They are so beautiful! I expect they've gone now though :-) Happy Moon Festival.

Felix said...

Aww man! I wish I knew earlier! I trekked all the way to Apollo here in Flushing and sent you some today, but they unfortunately ran out of Pineapple!! But there is taro...a close second. Thanks for the new book! We love it - and i started reading WMM with my class!