Tuesday, September 7, 2010

book talk tuesday


IndieBound Description:
There are some strange ideas floating around in Paul’s apartment block. There’s Mabel, who now calls herself Molly and whose brother hides under a paper bag. Then there’s Clarence, the poodle who thinks he can fly. But the strangest notion of all is Paul’s. You see, Paul believes that the moon is not the moon but a great hole in the sky. And he knows that sausages are better than war. How on earth (or not) will he find out if he is bonkers or a genius? With a few equally bonkers (or genius) helpers and a very long ladder, that’s how! From a master of magical realism and a celebrated artist comes another delightfully outrageous expedition.

My Thoughts:

This book was completely charming and lovely as were the illustrations. Part of me wants to dissect the book piece by piece to learn from it, while the other part wants me just to leave it alone and enjoy it for the story it is. Regardless, after reading this, I realized what a master author David Almond is. In the hands of almost any other author, the whimsical ideas and nature of this book could've easily become light, trite and overly sentimental. But he is able to write it so deftly that it is truly a delight. I'm jealous!