Thursday, September 30, 2010

at the grocery store...

it's all apples! I guess it's fall!


Casey G. said...

that is an incredible display of apples! Hooray for fall :)

Jennifer said...

I love fall! Those apples look delicious. I would love them covered in caramel :)

Michelle Henninger said...

Mmm. I love the macouns!

maryxoxo10 said...

yummmm but i am alergic awes but i can eat apple sauce! yay! haha Grace your awesome! MARYXOXO10

Grace Lin said...

I know, so many apples! I love fall (and honeycrisp apples)!

woaichiyuxiangrousi said...

NI HAO Grace,

I am one of your readers. I was first suggested to read your books "the year of the dog" and "the year of the rat" by a friend of mine.I am so amazed by the books and illustrations. I am impressed how you deliver Chinese concepts naturally to the kids, which they (my students) quickly comprehend. I am now a Mandarin teacher in shanghai and I am using your books as culture sharing with my students from every where in the world. Thanks a lot for your books.

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