Thursday, January 3, 2013

new view

moon over our new backyard
As I mentioned earlier, we're moving! It's official, we've closed on a house in western MA--two hours away from our current location.

I have many mixed emotions about the move. I love the new house and with Rain Dragon showing signs of crawling, I know it's the right thing to do. We want her to have a swingset, a yard, the whole works--and the apartment is already squished past capacity.

But I have a lot of memories here, from renovations to Robert it's hard to let go. Luckily, we've decided we're going to move slowly so we can do some minor renovations on the house (bookshelves! need bookshelves!) and not put the apartment on the market until spring. So gradually I've been getting used to the idea. I feel like Randy in The Four Story Mistake, lamenting how each thing she did was going to be the "last time."

But, just like in that book, I know "the last time" will be joyfully replaced with "the first time."

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anne said...

moving, even when it is right, is hard, if you have any sort of happy memories at all --- which of course, you do! Hang in there -- you are very sensible to be moving slowly, and of course, you are right about the "firsts" that are coming! Take photos of the emptying apartment, and then of the transforming house -- a good thing for Rain Dragon to look at as she get older, to remember :)