Wednesday, January 23, 2013

sky ceiling, step 1

We're still living in two places but that hasn't stopped us from starting our own personalization in our new house. My pet project is getting Rain Dragon's room ready. I have big plans for it. At first I though I would paint a mural in it like I did for L& R but the view outside Rain Dragon's future window changed my mind:

and I decided on an elaborate sky ceiling instead. First, I needed to paint a daytime sky with soft puffy clouds which meant blue paint on the ceiling:

Rain Dragon watched me with great interest and confusion the whole time. Since she was going to be witness to all my painting I used low voc paint which is pretty amazing-- it really is odorless!--but gave me a bit of shell-shock at the cash register. So I tried to use it sparingly. The color is Benjamin Moore Barely Teal, which is a very light greenish blue instead of the typical sky blue because I wanted more of a fairy tale sky.

But I still wanted the clouds to be realistic looking. So I mapped out cloud formations:

and then I layered in four different shades of white (just in case you want to do this yourself the colors were Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, Vanilla Ice Cream and then a mixture of Vanilla Ice Cream + Peach Parfait  and a mixture of Vanilla Ice cream + Majestic mauve) to give the clouds depth.  Painting clouds and making them look real isn't that difficult (the trick is to dry brush--not a lot of paint on the brush and be willing to ruin your brush by scrubbing the color in with it), but it is time consuming--mainly because you have to keep going up and down the ladder to figure out each step. It took me a couple days until I was satisfied.

And while I liked how the winter white color of the walls brought out the whiteness of the clouds, I felt it was too cold for a baby's room. So we changed the wall color to a soft cream which makes the clouds look a little peachy--like a clouds at sunrise.

I think it turned out well, if I do say so myself! I admit I'm pretty proud!

Rain Dragon didn't seem that impressed, though. Oh well, maybe step 2 of the sky ceiling-- glow-in-the-dark constellations-- will!


Irene said...

Beautiful!! She may not be too impressed right now, but I guarantee you - as a mother of a 7-year-old daughter - when she grows up, she is going to LOOOOOOOVE her room!!!!

Moya said...

It's so beautiful. I know she will appreciate it later...and remember taht her mom did it just for her!

betsy said...

It is so lovely, Grace! xo

Michaele Razi said...

Gorgeous! Love how patient lil dragon is. So sweet. She'll love it later!

anne said...

wow!! awesome!! and thanks for sharing a bit of the process -- layering the whites and all--fascinating!
she will love lying in bed and seeing it (and I bet the stars will be great!! my son did his own when he studied constellations at about 8 yrs old --really looked cool!)

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, All! I'm very proud!

Janet Wong said...

I'm impressed! It is so soothing. Great job, Grace!

jennifer anderson said...

how nice to be able to do that yourself!

thatklickitat said...

This is fantastic!