Monday, January 28, 2013

on my desk monday

As the snow powders the outside world, I have beautiful, golden oranges on my table:

They are what is becoming an annual gift from my librarian friend Mary whose lives far away in a Paradise where the orange trees are so plentiful:

photo from Mary's garage!

and large:
this one was 1.3 pounds!
That she felt obligated to share her fortune...which we were only to happy to receive. Yum! Fresh oranges! Remind me to send Mary our new address for next year's harvest...


anne said...

WOW how beautiful! seems like there must be a good kids' book in there, somewhere--maybe with some creative license :)

Joan Romano said...

I am so excited to hear that you will be actually coming to the land of orange trees! I am so, so excited!
I will be sure you get fresh squeezed juice each morning!

Grace Lin said...

Anne--I know, it seems like there should be a good book in there somewhere...

Joan--Yes, looking forward to FL and fresh orange juice!!!