Tuesday, January 8, 2013

how I spent my winter vacation

Just like last year, I felt like I had to finally answer all my reader mail* before the new year. I'm getting better--my return rate is about 4 months versus the 6 months(!), now!

But that makes it sound like responding to reader mail is a chore. It isn't, really. It's actually quite a joy. I love hearing from readers--what they like about my books, who they are...and their ambitious cats:

though, to be fair, this writer didn't tell me why her cats were so ambitious! I am very curious. Doesn't it sound like a book that needs to be written-- "All the Ambitious Cats?" Maybe she'll tell me in her next letter.

*helpful hint if you want a response: Please make sure you write your return mailing address on your letter--sometimes I lose/mix up envelopes and can't figure out where to send! Apologies to anyone who does not get a response at all, it means I misplaced your return address.