Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of the year

2011 is ending! I plan on starting my resolutions and yearly conclusions at Chinese New Year (to give me some extra time) but today, I feel I must...

answer my mail!!

I really do love hearing from readers and it's important to me that if a child actually sat down and wrote me by hand that I should do the same*. However, it is time consuming and I've been letting the letters pile up since the summer. I'm a little horrified at myself for not responding sooner for requests for bookplates meant for X-mas presents (I'm just opening some of the letters now). SO SORRY! I've dedicated this entire day, the last day of the year, to write back.  I will get this pile done before the new year...I hope!

*helpful hint if you want a response: Please make sure you write your return mailing address on your letter--sometimes I lose/mix up envelopes and can't figure out where to send! Apologies to anyone who does not get a response at all, it means I misplaced your return address.