Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the first gift

Many lovely people have offered baby things for our upcoming Rain Dragon.  We are happy to accept but have been putting off the receiving of them as our place is already crammed with our own adult stuff (we have to look into moving soon!).  But, for the holidays, the Sasquatch got me (us) a special gift that I had to make room for.

Those of you that have read Year of the Dog, might remember that the main character has a teddy bear named Butterscotch:

That is because in real life I really did have a teddy bear named Butterscotch. I loved him and still have him. His name is Butterscotch because when I first got him he was butterscotch colored. But now he is so old, he is grey (and tattered):

So, the Sasquatch did some internet searching and found a Butterscotch family member:

Which I can't wait to give to our Rain Dragon!!!

Butterscotch and Caramel