Monday, December 5, 2011

on my desk monday and calendar event in Ohio

On my desk are the Red Thread Calendars! The COFCC did a beautiful job making them and I'm so  glad I was able to go out to Columbus to help launch the sale (you can still buy one now! 100% of the proceeds go to help orphanages in China).

The event in Ohio was my last non-local event for the year. I'm sticking close to home until February (when I go on another whirlwind of school visits), it's going to be a nice not to travel for a little while. But I was glad to attend the Ohio event, it was great fun! A professional photographer, Michelle Raines, was at the event and took these lovely photos. Kind of makes me wish I had a professional photographer at all my events!

I did a small presentation:

To a really LARGE crowd:

Like I said, it was great fun!

As a small thank-you to the organizer, I gave her daughters an advanced reading copy of Dumpling Days (this photo taken by me):

She stopped reading when she got to page 23 because she said it was making her too hungry! I hope she finished it after she got something to eat. 

Thanks so much, COFCC !


Michelle R Photography said...

Thanks so much for making the trip to Columbus and so thoughtfully signing all of our books and calendars! It was such a pleasure to meet you.

Your contributions to our 2012 calendar not only add to its beauty, but make it a keepsake. Thank you for all that you have done to help us raise money for the orphans in China!!! We are most grateful.


Grace Lin said...

It was fun being there! Thanks for having me & all your beautiful work, Michelle!