Monday, December 5, 2011

on my desk monday and calendar event in Ohio

On my desk are the Red Thread Calendars! The COFCC did a beautiful job making them and I'm so  glad I was able to go out to Columbus to help launch the sale (you can still buy one now! 100% of the proceeds go to help orphanages in China).

The event in Ohio was my last non-local event for the year. I'm sticking close to home until February (when I go on another whirlwind of school visits), it's going to be a nice not to travel for a little while. But I was glad to attend the Ohio event, it was great fun! A professional photographer, Michelle Raines, was at the event and took these lovely photos. Kind of makes me wish I had a professional photographer at all my events!

I did a small presentation:

To a really LARGE crowd:

Like I said, it was great fun!

As a small thank-you to the organizer, I gave her daughters an advanced reading copy of Dumpling Days (this photo taken by me):

She stopped reading when she got to page 23 because she said it was making her too hungry! I hope she finished it after she got something to eat. 

Thanks so much, COFCC !