Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spirit of the Tiger!

PaperTigers has announced an exciting and important new project, Spirit of PaperTigers! This project aims to put a selected set of multicultural books into the hands of children in areas of need in different parts of the world.

This is a wonderful initiative! 100 specially chosen book sets are donated to schools and libraries in need. I am incredible proud that Where the Mountain Meets the Moon has been chosen as part of 2010 book set. PaperTigers is such an amazing organization, with the goal of raising awareness "of our common humanity and to contribute to fuller human community" everyday. Wow. I am honored and humbled that my work is a part of that!


Aline Pereira said...

Thanks for the nice words and for writing such a beautiful book, Grace! We are proud to have it as part of our first book set, and can't wait to start reporting on where the book is going and the children it's reaching!

Grace Lin said...

No, Aline--thank YOU! Can't wait to see this project grow.