Tuesday, February 16, 2010

book talk tuesday

SKATING SHOES by Noel Streatfeild

IndieBound Description: It's a stroke of great luck when Harriet Johnson’s doctor prescribes skating after an illness that has left her feeling frail and listless. For on her very first day at the rink, Harriet meets orphaned Lalla Moore, who is being brought up by her wealthy aunt Claudia to be a skating champion. Although they have little in common, the girls form a fast friendship. Harriet is energized by talented, funny Lalla, and Lalla in turn blossoms under the affection of openhearted Harriet. The girls skate together more and more. But just as Lalla’s interest in skating starts to fade, Harriet’s natural talent begins to emerge. Suddenly Lalla and Harriet seem headed in two very different directions. Can their friendship survive?

My Thoughts: I love all the Noel Streatfeild "Shoes" books! This is an especial favorite of mine as I once dreamed of being an ice skater. Mine is a first edition dated 1951! This one has just come back in print in paperback and perfect for any girl who is captivated by the ice skaters at the winter Olympics! Don't miss the other Shoes books, either.


Susan Sandmore said...

Can't help commenting, since I'm a Streatfeild nut! :)

My only copy is a paperback from--the early 80s, I guess. I envy you that 51 copy!

I love this book but it's never been my very favorite Streatfeild. I was surprised to hear it mentioned as "the best" in You've Got Mail, but I figured that was because it fit the script (Meg needed to sob that it was out of print, and it was!).

At any rate, I do love it! I read all my Streatfeilds once a year and I'm afraid they've worked their way into my style. I find that description of the plot a bit off, though. When did Lalla's interest in skating fade? More like her confidence was shaken.

Thanks for telling us it's out in paper again--I'll have to secure a new copy.

Anyhow, I'm off to keep trying be a champion grim, I suppose! *wonders what a change edge loop is*

nelsong said...

(ahem)The cover on the new ones are particularly fetching.

Anna Alter said...

yes worth it for the cover alone :)

Grace Lin said...

Yes, I love the new cover! The artist is one talented lady...

Susan, I agree--I think that the Indiebound description is a bit off. Lalla never had her interest in skating fade, unless they meant her interest in skating figures. I've always been curious about how to skate a bracket, myself.