Tuesday, February 9, 2010

book talk tuesday

The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis, by Barbara O'Connor

IndieBound Description: Nothing ever happens in Fayette, South Carolina. That’s what Popeye thinks, anyway. His whole life, everything has just been boring, boring, boring. But things start to look up when the Jewells’ Holiday Rambler makes a wrong turn and gets stuck in the mud, trapping Elvis and his five rowdy siblings in Fayette for who knows how long. Popeye has never met anyone like Elvis Jewell. He’s so good at swearing he makes Uncle Dooley look like a harp-strumming angel, and he says “So what?” like he really means it. Then something curious comes floating down the creek—a series of boats with secret messages—and it sends Popeye and Elvis into the big world on the hunt for a small adventure. With a healthy helping of humor and the signature Southern charm that has captivated children and critics alike, Barbara O’Connor’s newest tale is a heartwarming look at the joy that can come out of being a Royal Rule Breaker, and learning to find one’s own adventures.

My Thoughts: From the size of the actual book--it's just a bit smaller than standard, perfectly matching the "small adventure" title--to the characters to the storyline and vocabulary words, I thought this book was extremely charming. Barbara O'Connor has an amazing gift of writing a lot of story with very few words.