Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am getting married really soon!

And I admit, when I first spoke about the upcoming nuptials to people I said that this wedding wouldn't be a big deal. First of all, due to Squatchie's importation issues (aka immigration visa), we have to get married in 90 days (now about 25). So I said to everyone in my most offhand matter, that this was just going to be a quickie, not much more than a city hall affair. Maybe we'd have a large party in the summer with all the extended family.

The other reason why I said the marriage ceremony would be a non-event was because it is my second wedding. I've been through the white dress, and the aisle and the church. I didn't need to go through it again.

But I was wrong. The closer and closer it gets to the day, the more I begin to feel like I want it to be a special day. This is truly a new start for both Squatchie and me, and it feels like it should have a bit of celebration. So sorry, everyone. I lied. I didn't mean to. But it's probably going to be more of a wedding wedding than I said it would be.

And I know this because I have found myself overly and embarrassingly enthusiastic about many a bridal thing. Most recently I found myself romanticizing about the vintage look of these old Chinese advertising models:

which lead to this hot roller adventure:

with this very surprising result:

I kind of liked it, but it's probably just a bit too much. I think it will work if it's toned down a little. But if it doesn't, it's okay. It's not a big deal...

I know, you've heard that before!


yamster said...

Cute! And there's nothing wrong with wanting your second wedding to be wedding-y. Love is a big deal! :)

Tarie said...

I hope your wedding is beautiful and amazing and fun!

Anna Alter said...

Ha ha I love those hair prep pictures, thank goodness for Alvina always having her camera ready. Your hair looked soooo cute. No matter how all the details shake out your wedding will be super special!

Michelle Henninger said...

Awww, isn't that sweet!! Your wedding is going to be perfect!

Lissy said...

Lily says "nope - that is not my style...."

I personally like the curls.

Andrea and/or Jeff said...

By all means celebrate! If you've done the white dress thing, then maybe this is the time for the Fabulous RED dress! You know, the one you secretly dreamed about, but thought would be way too over the top for tv?

I think the curls might be cute, but you have such a funny expression that it is a little hard to tell!

Whatever you decide, it will be great! Gong Xi!

Creative Minds Wanda Ng said...

It is great to hear that you'll get married soon. Thanks for sharing your photos. Very personal...very beautiful...congratulations.

If you are planning to wear your glasses in the wedding,have you thought of showing more of your forehead. Tie the hair up and make small bun with some extension. You have a very nice face shape....