Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am getting married really soon!

And I admit, when I first spoke about the upcoming nuptials to people I said that this wedding wouldn't be a big deal. First of all, due to Squatchie's importation issues (aka immigration visa), we have to get married in 90 days (now about 25). So I said to everyone in my most offhand matter, that this was just going to be a quickie, not much more than a city hall affair. Maybe we'd have a large party in the summer with all the extended family.

The other reason why I said the marriage ceremony would be a non-event was because it is my second wedding. I've been through the white dress, and the aisle and the church. I didn't need to go through it again.

But I was wrong. The closer and closer it gets to the day, the more I begin to feel like I want it to be a special day. This is truly a new start for both Squatchie and me, and it feels like it should have a bit of celebration. So sorry, everyone. I lied. I didn't mean to. But it's probably going to be more of a wedding wedding than I said it would be.

And I know this because I have found myself overly and embarrassingly enthusiastic about many a bridal thing. Most recently I found myself romanticizing about the vintage look of these old Chinese advertising models:

which lead to this hot roller adventure:

with this very surprising result:

I kind of liked it, but it's probably just a bit too much. I think it will work if it's toned down a little. But if it doesn't, it's okay. It's not a big deal...

I know, you've heard that before!