Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon TRAILER!

Here is the extended trailer I promised after last month's teaser. It's a sneak peak of some of the color illustrations inside (even though WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON is a novel-grades 3 to 6- it will have full color illustrations, like the classic fairytale books).

If your band width allows, please view it in High Quality (hit the HQ button at the bottom)--it makes a big difference!

(PS--if you are a teacher and cannot access youtube, I also have the trailer available here on teachertube.com: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Book Trailer on Teacher Tube)


R. said...

What a beautiful combination of art and music! By far the best book trailer I've ever seen. I'm really looking forward to this novel.

Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Wowie Wow Wow, thats is beautiful.

Jenny said...

tai hao le! Thank you soooooo much for posting on Teacher Tube - I was FINALLY able to see a trailer and it was soooooo worth the wait! I really liked the music and the art - wow! Can't wait to read the book!!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks everyone! Did they do a wonderful job? I want them to start a book trailer company!