Monday, May 11, 2009

art for sale

I'm on auction! Or rather my art is...and all for good causes:

First, of course is my monthly painting for small graces. Remember, I'm donating a painting a month to the Foundation of Children's Books to fund author visits to under served schools? Well, here is this month's painting:
You can bid on it NOW!

Secondly, I've also donated to the Bridget Zinn auction

The children's book community have donated various cool items to help Bridget Zinn, an author and librarian recently diagnosed with colon cancer. It's a wonderful thing. I donated original art and books from Robert's Snow. I haven't parted with any of the original art from that book yet and I had a slight twinges when I decided to; but when I looked at my work it just felt like the right thing to do.

You can bid on my art and books by leaving a comment on the auction listing.

So, make your wall pretty and your soul happy! All good!