Friday, May 8, 2009

in my grubby little hands

Today, in the mail came... the final hardcover of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!

With its full color illustrations!

I can't believe it's finished and is a book. Wow.

(come get your own copy at my booklaunch!)


Barbara O'Connor said...

Congrats, Grace!

Libby Koponen said...

oh my goodness you got it, it's out! I will go to my local bookstore and take GREAT PRIDE in loudly exclaiming over it as I pay for my copy.


fibercontent said...

I am excited to see the final art--I read the ARC and loved it. I have added it to my read-aloud pile for my next year's class of second graders. They will really love it...and they are who matters.

Anna Alter said...

Congrats Grace! The book is GORGEOUS.

yamster said...