Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As many of you my already know, I've been trying to grow my hair long enough to donate which has been challenging. It has gotten pretty long but, unfortunately, I noticed the ends were not looking as healthy as they should. So, snip! clip! Two hard-grown inches had to be chopped off.

The hairdresser insists that this will make the hair grow even faster and stronger, so I am trying to have faith. I'm finding the whole incident symbolic to what is happening with my new book as well.

Because I was told, due to the printing difficulties (this is the first novel that the publisher has ever printed in full color) that my book release is being pushed back. So instead of June 1st, the general release of Where the Mountain Meet the Moon will be July 1st. Perhaps this delay means the book sales will be faster and stronger too? Like I said, trying to have faith!

Regardless, they will still have books for my book launch. And that just means you REALLY have to come to it, because the book won't be available anywhere else until July!!