Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the risd sale, or how my faith in humanity was restored

So it has been a busy week. I had 2 school visits, a presentation at the Connecticut Library Association conference, a surprise party to help plan and a big deadline for Ling and Ting. And to end the week, I also had the RISD sale!

Anna and I had signed up a while ago, deciding to share a table to sell our wares; so even though I was starting to feel burned out, off we went:

You can probably tell that I'm looking a bit haggard! But even though I was tired, I still had a nice time. I got to see fellow author/illustrator Liz Dubois' completely charming creations:
And I got these very cool ceramic coasters with designs by Ian Wells
as well as these incredibly cute and eco-friendly paper boxes from treeo design

However, I think all this shiny loot in conjunction with my busy-and-lack-of-sleep week distracted me. Because at the end of the day, Anna and I packed up the table put everything in the car and drove home. And at about 10:30 pm (a good 6 hours after the sale was over) this text message conversation happened:

Anna:Do u have the money from the sale?
Grace: Um, no. Thought u had it.
Anna: I think I left the box it was in in the car
Grace: checked the car, not there. sure you don't have it?
Anna: no

I had left behind the box with the all money.

On a table. In the middle of the street. We had driven away without the cash box--eeks!

Immediately, I was filled with fatalistic gloom. It was gone, I was sure of it. It was almost all cash, who could resist? I was convinced we were the weeping losers.

Still, just in case, we half-heartedly called the organizers of the sale...and right before midnight they called us back saying they had the box, in tact. Someone, unknown, had turned it in.

Which fills me with warmhearted gratitude. The news is filled with Madoff-types and hipster grifters; but the real world has a lot of kind, caring and honest people in it. I thank you so much for being one of them.