Monday, June 9, 2014

on my desk monday

On my desk are autographed copies are A Drowned Maiden's Hair, The Night Fairy,  The Pocket Guide to the Outdoors  and a plastic elephant. That is because all the way back in the beginning of April, I had a lovely school visit at the Park School in MD where luminary authors Laura Amy Schlitz and Twig George are librarians!

The plastic elephant is one of the toys Rain Dragon swiped from Laura Amy Schlitz (Rain Dragon also took a plastic penguin which she wouldn't unhand for the photo) while we were there. Laura was kind enough to let them be swiped when she saw how attached Rain Dragon was to them. But when Rain Dragon outgrows them, I'll put them on shelf of honor with the books and impress everyone with my touched-by-greatness possessions.

Thanks, Twig & Laura!