Wednesday, June 11, 2014

a newbery award ceremony

I know,  I know, I did NOT win the Newbery Honor in 2014. So why do I have this?

Well, because I attended La Jolla Country's Day School's Newbery Award ceremony! It's an amazing program where students who have read 30 or more Newbery books are honored. To receive a paperweight like mine above, one has to have read at least 50 Newbery books (I might have to catch up on some reading...).

If a student reads 75 Newbery books or more, they get amazing awards:

plus their name on a plaque that is displayed for eternity at the school:

I love how much the Newbery Award is respected and revered with this program.  And I was completely honored that they invited me to be the speaker at the ceremony. For the first time, I wished my book had won a gold sticker instead of a silver just so I could be worthy.

I felt this especially after two lovely students introduced me with speeches that brought tears to my eyes. Here's an excerpt of one of them:
"My mom loves Grace Lin because she is one of the very few Asian American children's authors, and she thinks it's important for kids to see themselves reflected in books. I love her books because they are funny, touching and you could lose yourself in her books..."
Wow, isn't that nice? I think I need a tissues? Well, how about a drink?

of "NewBERRY Punch?" ha ha ha!

The students got so much out of the program, you could see how much they all loved books and reading and how the school valued literacy. It was so rewarding to be there, but I also know that none of it would've been accomplished without the hard work of the La Jolla Day School librarians:

So a very special thank you to them for all their hard work and for inviting me! It was a great time for all!