Thursday, June 5, 2014

Belated Hong Kong post: Sights to see!

Hong Kong definitely has many great tourist sights. However, for me as a visiting author, the Hong Kong International School had the best things to see!

First, there were the bulletin boards:

a dragon welcome!

an I Spy Grace Lin board! Covered with items mentioned in my books!

papers of happiness! Students wrote what they thought would be on the paper that flew away

this one said smile!

And then there were the lovely students! One girl made a "Dumpling Days" hat which she wore for hat day:

They also made beautiful artwork inspired by my books:

There were also fun contests all over the library:

But perhaps the most awe-inspiring was the book order!  To an author, there is nothing more they'd rather see!
though Rain Dragon was a little frustrated that we wouldn't let her throw the books on the ground.

Thanks for the beautiful sights, HKIS!