Thursday, January 16, 2014

Belated Taiwan post: Starry River of the Sky, Chinese language edition!

While in Taiwan, I had the pleasure of meeting the publishing people of Global Kids,  publisher of the traditional Chinese version  of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky.  They did such beautiful job printing the books.  There are all sorts of extras like this wraparound which (I think!) says all sorts of complimentary things:

And the page numbers have these added illustrations:

Providentially, their edition of Starry River of the Sky came out at the same time as my visit so they arranged a couple of events for me to help promote it:

I was really nervous speaking to Taiwanese audience. Most knew English, even if it wasn't their first language and I had an interpreter for the another event (thank goodness!). At first, I was going to decline the events because I was so worried about the language barrier (there was no way I would attempt to speak Chinese!) but I'm glad I didn't.  The audience was so kind and interested and the people at the publishing company were so nice and enthusiastic about the book.  If only for their sake, I hope the book does well there:

Xiè xie, Global Kids!