Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Belated Post: Pocket Pacy's Dumpling Days

So ends our trip to Taiwan. We had a great time, especially Pocket Pacy who got to live out some of the events in my books:

Just like in Dumpling Days, she found the Taiwanese/Japanese toilets very confusing:

But unlike Pacy in the book, Pocket Pacy found an instruction manuel in english to help her out:

Pocket Pacy experienced the night market and got a sugar rush from the boba tea:

ate a wax apple:

saw the walking street signs (I tried to take a video of the man walking, but it didn't turn out. But you can see what it looks like here.)

Hung out with some  lions, like Dragon did in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

saw some great art:

as well as Taipei 101:

And spent oodles of time at the Taipei Airport. This was not in the book, but the airport in Taiwan has a whole Hello Kitty wing. Really!

with themed-chairs in the waiting area, to boot:

It cheered up Pocket Pacy while we were waiting for our departing plane. She was quite sad to leave, as we all were.  But thanks for the memories...until next time!