Tuesday, January 21, 2014

belated Taiwan post: medium sized Buddha

The guidebooks  the Big Buddha as something to see in Taiwan but I'd never seen it before. This time, I specifically asked my relatives to bring me.

It was pretty big, but I admit that after seeing the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. However, I was impressed by the street vendors:

They sold  bing tang hulu which I haven't had since I was in China. It was my favorite snack there (bonus points if you can find where I mention it in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon)

And while the Buddha was medium sized, they did have BIG eggs! these are ostrich eggs! I didn't realize how big and hard they were! I bought one and the shell is like a rock:

When I get the time, perhaps I will paint a small Buddha on it...