Tuesday, January 21, 2014

belated Taiwan post: medium sized Buddha

The guidebooks  the Big Buddha as something to see in Taiwan but I'd never seen it before. This time, I specifically asked my relatives to bring me.

It was pretty big, but I admit that after seeing the Big Buddha in Hong Kong, I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. However, I was impressed by the street vendors:

They sold  bing tang hulu which I haven't had since I was in China. It was my favorite snack there (bonus points if you can find where I mention it in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon)

And while the Buddha was medium sized, they did have BIG eggs! these are ostrich eggs! I didn't realize how big and hard they were! I bought one and the shell is like a rock:

When I get the time, perhaps I will paint a small Buddha on it...


John the Scientist said...

That is a great place to visit. My family was there a few years ago. We were also in Taiwan over this Christmas, but we went to Kaohsiung instead of hanging around Taichung. My wife was born in Taichung, so we've been in that area a few times.

I loved the eggs of various sizes,from ostrich to goose to duck to chicken to quail.

Did you have any of that dried, flattened squid with the white powder on it that they cut up with scissors and roast on an open flame for you? I once explained that to someone as taking an old tire, flattening it, cutting it in the shape of a squid, and sprinkling it with DDT before roasting. I think that about sums up the experience.

My wife bought a squid the last time we were at Baguashan, saying she always wants to eat that when she sees it, but usually winds up regretting it. She hands a piece to me, and I chew, and chew, and chew. My daughter looks at me and says "Baba, how is it?". I reply, "I can't lie to you kid. It's horrible. Here, have some.". Much to her credit, she took a piece. And liked it!

At least she still has a sane person's attitude to chou dofu: "keep it away from meeee!" My son, on the other hand, says stinky tofu is his favorite food in the whole world. My daughter and I stand upwind of him and my wife when they chow down on that stuff. o.O

Did you go to the temple just across the street from the Buddha park entrance? I'll have to look up the name, but it has this animatronic display of hell - demonic mannequins sawing each other, dipping each other in boiling oil, etc.

My wife was taken there on a second grade field trip. She said she had nightmares for weeks! :D I just could not believe any elementary school taking a troupe of 7 year olds to that place!

When we visited, my daughter was in third grade, and she loved it. Obviously, she takes more after me than she does after my wife.

Also, did you visit the battle museum down in town? The Buddha was placed on the point where the last Qing troops surrendered to the Japanese in 1895 - it's a peace memorial.

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