Thursday, January 23, 2014

Belated Post: Albany, NY

After Taiwan, it took us a while to get over the jetleg (hence why all these posts are belated!). I was worried that I wouldn't get over it in time for my other scheduled visits. Luckily, it wore off in time for my visits at St. Gregory's School in Albany, NY. Because there they had a huge day planned for me!

I was welcomed with this:

It's not just a bulletin board, it's bill board! Because it's their poster for their play. Yes, they did an Ugly Vegetables play!

It was sooooo cute. There were even"bees and the butterflies who smelled the scent in the breeze..."

The whole school was decorated with themes from my books. One hallway took on Our Seasons.

There was a whole display of scrolls with scenes from Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

as well as storyboards with favorite scenes from the book, too:

And, fortune cookies inspired by Fortune Cookie Fortunes!

I particularly liked this one:

I don't know how true it is, but, thank you St Gregory's School for making me feel like it already has!