Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Belated Post: On the Same Page in GA

After Albany, we were flying out to GA for an event called On the Same Page, mainly organized  by the incredible Little Shop of Stories Bookstore. When I was first contacted about this event, I actually tried to weasel out. I don't like to travel in the winter and also after being in Taiwan, I thought we'd probably could use a break. But then my publisher told that this was a huge honor and I really shouldn't decline, and I reconsidered. And I am SO glad that I did!

Because On the Same Page is a community read program in Decatur, GA-- and they were reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! They created an amazing 3-month program of activities and events all around the book:

with me, at the end, coming to some schools:

as well as a huge grand finale event:

with lions, both big:

and little:


and acting!

Synchronicity Theater in Atlanta, GA is putting on a performance Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! At the event, they gave us a sneak peak. The real show starts February 7th, buy your tickets now and then tell me how it went!

Because even without costumes and sets, I was entranced! The whole night was amazing. To see a packed audience and so many wonderful creations inspired from a book I wrote...well, it sometimes there aren't enough adjectives.  I've said this before, but it's completely true--the saddest thing for an author is to write something that you've put your whole heart into and realize that no one cares. So when the opposite happens, it is a realization of your happiest dream.

Thank you so much, On the Same Page and Little Shop of Stories for making this author's dream come true!