Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's definitely that time of year! Things have been crazy, at least for me as I've been finding the baby + book balance a hard juggle. But I made time for what has become a little tradition--having a booth at the RISD sale!

However, I barely made it. I packed late and set up in a sleepy stupor. The booth was far from a thing of beauty-- wrinkled tablecloths, no display (I forgot to bring the hooks for the prints) and low stock. But I was so bedraggled I couldn't even complain--I was just grateful to be there!

I decided to rely on Rain Dragon to liven up the booth, anyway. She had a great time at the sale, smiling at people and looking at all the neat things:

you can still get this cute dragon onesie, though I heard that they will be gone soon...
This year, they gave my good friend Anna Alter the booth next to me which was really nice. Her beautiful booth attracted a lot of people who wandered over to mine, causing brisk sales:

I didn't purchase much from other booths like I have in years past, even though there were a plethora of amazing things. I have to save up money for our big move and I am kind of hoping that if there is an surplus I can splurge and buy this light for Rain Dragon's bedroom.

Afterwards it was the 2nd part of the tradition, meeting up with some of my blue rose girls. When you work at home, it's hard to make friends  and I feel so lucky that my little circle of friends is still intact--even as we move around and make additions:

this year with a blue rose baby!
Until next year!