Saturday, December 15, 2012


Like everyone else, I've been extremely sad about the school shooting in CT. It's touched me deeper than other tragic new stories of late not only because I am such a new mom but also because  I am(or was) scheduled to visit Sandy Hook school--that same school-- in May. It was planned for the whole school to be reading my book in March. I am so heartbroken to think of the little hands that will never touch any books again.

 Recently, I've been so worried about how to juggle things--work, the new house, moving, the baby. It's been stressful and sometimes I have found myself scratching my head, trying to figure out how I got myself into all of this. But when I hear about events like this or remember Robert, I realize how lucky I am-- how honored I am-- to have all these complications and how much I have to cherish.


Janet Wong said...

It will not be easy for you to visit that school in May. Things will not be "back to normal." But I'm happy for them that you are the scheduled author because your books affirm so much goodness--gratitude, forgiveness, the best of what makes us human.

yamster said...

Janet's eloquence says it all, as does yours, Grace.

Jan J. said...

So very true. We were having a droopy holiday season, no money even to buy my girls Christmas presents. But today my kids and I feel like the most blessed people on earth. I keep trying to imagine what the parents are going through but my mind won't let me completely go there.