Saturday, December 15, 2012


Like everyone else, I've been extremely sad about the school shooting in CT. It's touched me deeper than other tragic new stories of late not only because I am such a new mom but also because  I am(or was) scheduled to visit Sandy Hook school--that same school-- in May. It was planned for the whole school to be reading my book in March. I am so heartbroken to think of the little hands that will never touch any books again.

 Recently, I've been so worried about how to juggle things--work, the new house, moving, the baby. It's been stressful and sometimes I have found myself scratching my head, trying to figure out how I got myself into all of this. But when I hear about events like this or remember Robert, I realize how lucky I am-- how honored I am-- to have all these complications and how much I have to cherish.