Wednesday, December 19, 2012

making cookies

It's my annual baking bonanza! I am an enthusiastic baker (notice that I did not say good or skilled) but I find I rarely have time to do so except for special occasions. However, I was so enamored by the mooncake cookies that were made for the Starry River Booklaunch that I felt like I had to make my own. And holiday treat making was the perfect excuse!

Along with the Sasquatch's mom (Mother Sasquatch?),  Saquatch's sister (Sister Sasquatch?) came to help me out:

Mother Sasquatch clued me in on the secret to  perfect mooncake cookies-- the adjustable rolling pin! It's rather amazing. The rolling pin doesn't allow you to roll your dough thinner than your chosen thickness so all your cookies are uniform:

But, the real magic (and fun) was using the mooncake molds:

Look how pretty they are!

But I have to admit, I love packaging:

I am particularly in love with my label. It's become an inspiration for a new baby book idea. I really hope it works because I  it! 

So, next time when students ask me where I get my ideas, I'll tell them I get them from baking cookies!


jama said...

Beautiful cookies and packaging. LOVE those labels :)!! Happy Holidays!

Michelle said...

Your cookies look beautiful. And I love your molds...I'm still using the wooden ones and wacking away.

alison morris said...

What stunning cookies, Grace!! Beautiful patterns, terrific label, and WONDERFUL book idea - can't wait to see what you do with the latter! xoxo

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, Ladies! I'm glad you think the book idea sounds good--hope the publisher thinks so too!

anne said...

so cool! and I love the packaging, and look forward to the baby book!
have a lovely holiday w/your family!

Louanne said...

Those are so cute!! I also love to bake and we will be baking sugar cookies tonight after church.

The labels are adorable.

I finished reading "Starry River" to my 6 year old 2 days ago. We LOVED it!! It's going into my gift rotation like "where the mountain meets the moon"

PS. reading that really made me want to have some authentic Chinese food :)

Lynda Shoup said...

The cookies are simply beautiful! Where did you ever get the mold? The packaging took my breath away. It looks like you had fun as well.