Monday, December 17, 2012

on my desk monday

On my desk (table) is this year's very small Christmas tree. It's been so busy and our place has been so crowded (which is why we are moving) that we couldn't find the time or space for a real tree, much less make special ornaments like years past.  Believe me, I feel the shame! Poor Rain Dragon, her first Christmas tree is so puny.

Lucky for us, this year the Concord Museum decided to feature my book Bringing in the New Year for one of their Family Trees and we were able to pretend ownership of that:

Didn't they do a great job with it? Even the dragon on top was hand-made!

But I don't think Rain Dragon was fooled:

but she still liked it!


Jan J. said...

What a cool tree! And what an adorable baby! That little tree is more than we have and it's cute.

Ivy's mama (aka Ladymama) said...

Dear Grace, I want to wish you, Rain Dragon, and Sasquatch a merry Christmas and wonderful new year. My daughter, during her kindergarten year last year, had me read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon three times out loud to her. Three times in one year! We treasure that book so very much, share it with everyone we know, and it is one of my personal all time favorites. Only after I had read the book a few times did I learn about Robert, and then I was even more moved. I just want to tell you that my family loves all of your books, and we love you too. I am happy to have the chance to read your blog. And I really hope that I will have the chance to give you a big old squeeze in person some day!!!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks Jan and Ladymama! So glad you enjoyed "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" and hope to meet you in the future!