Wednesday, June 1, 2011

RI school visits

The Monday after the Kids Reading Across RI event, I also visited a couple of schools in the state. These schools "won" my visit from the KRARI group (these people sure know how to do a program right!).

As I mentioned earlier, I do get a little picky when school ask for my Where the Mountain Meets the Moon presentation. It is all about the background of the book and the things that I changed vs folklore...and it makes a lot more sense if the students have actually read the book. So I really try to emphasize that the book should be read by all if they want me to give this presentation (they are more than welcome to choose another presentation if that is too much of responsibility).

But that was not a worry at all for these schools. ALL the students had read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and they were incredibly enthusiastic about my visit. They welcomed me with drawings, sculptures and paintings:

And even provided their own themed entertainment. There were so many things going on that I almost didn't even have to give my presentation. These girls wrote and performed scenes from the book:

And another student built a mechanized Dragon:

a lego Old Man of the Moon:
and a 6 ft long Never-Ending Mountain (with waterfall) for the two to meet...which they did with panache!

(it might be hard to see, but the dragon shoots/spits out his pearl/marble at the end!)

Pretty neat, huh?

It was a great day and I was so glad to meet these amazing, creative and inspiring RI students!