Monday, June 27, 2011

on my desk monday

Chinese textbook!

Yes, I've finally carved the time to take real Chinese classes. Rosetta Stone was not cutting it, so hopefully this will help. So far I'm at the top of the class because I already know "Ni Hao!" and "Xie Xie!" but something tells me I am going to plateau quickly...


janet wong said...

Rosetta Stone is really good if there's a horse standing on a table or an airplane hiding under a table. But I think you're right about needing to take Chinese classes, another thing that I've been meaning to do. (I'll put it with my Chinese folktale manuscript, my twins manuscript, and my dumpling manuscript--with the airplane under the table.)

Grace, you are the Queen of Just-Do-It! I so admire the way you decide to do something and follow through in the best way. If I ever wanted someone to, say, rescue a puppy from the pound and show me how to raise it right, I would pick YOU!

Grace Lin said...

ha, thanks, Janet! Maybe a puppy next year!